The History Of The Blizzard 2015

01/28/2015 09:18 AM

We Thought it would be More Appropriate

to Name this Post

"The History Of The Blizzard Of 2015"

Rather than "Historic"

Since the Anticipation and Preparation of This Storm

was More to Report

Than the Actual Storm Itself!

Here is a Short List of Events

Leading Up to, During and After

the "Blizzard of 2015 In New York City"

However, From This Point On

The "Blizzard"

May Be Referred To As

"Winter Storm Juno"

Winter Storm Juno
Winter Storm Juno
Winter Storm Juno
Winter Storm Juno


Direct From Our Facebook Page We Posted

In A Panic                                              In Anticpation



Grocery stores in New York City

and around the Metro Area 

Being Overrun and Cleaned Out as Customers Brace for

  A"Historic Storm" set to Bury The Region.




NYC Dept Of Sanitation Out In Full Force

NYC and The Blizzard 2015


New York City will Ban ALL Non-Emergency Vehicles

After 11 p.m. Tonight Due to the Blizzard.

As for Food Delivery????????

"A food delivery bicycle is not an emergency vehicle!




The Mad Dash to get in Final Food Deliveries


New York City Effectively Shuts Down at 11 p.m!




What NYC Actually Looks like During a Travel Ban!

What NYC Looked Like During the Snow Travel Ban -- NYMag


A Time-Lapse Video From The Torch Of The Statie Of Liberty



Winterstorm Juno a Dud in New York City

Winter Storm Juno in New York City (credit: Instagram)


Weatherman Apologizes


The Good News...we all had a much needed day off!


Unfortuanetly the storm was very real for the people of New England...




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