Simplest Yet Greatest Things That Could Ever Happen To A New Yorker

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Here are some of our Favorite Simplest Yet Greatest Things That Could Ever Happen To A New Yorker

  • 1. The subway you have to transfer to is chilling out across the platform when you get there.

  • 2. You go to Duane Reade and they inform you your $5 coupon is ready.

  • 3. Your neighbor lets the UPS man in, so you don’t have to get one of these:

  • 4. Your bodega actually has that weird ingredient you need.

  • 5. There’s no line at Chop’t. Or Chipotle.

  • 6. You get to the subway just as the doors slam shut, and the conductor opens them to let you on.

  • 7. …AND you get a seat!

  • 8. Finding a Metrocard in your pocket that actually has money on it.

  • 9. The Time Warner Cable man actually shows up for your appointment on time.

  • 10. You move into a new apartment and the previous tenants left their window-unit air conditioner — INSTALLED.

  • 11. You get cell phone reception underground for a brief shining moment, just long enough to send an important text.

  • 12. Four words: LAUNDRY IN YOUR BUILDING.

  • 22. The movie you wanted to see at Union Square at 8 p.m. on Saturday isn’t sold out.

  • 13. Your bank’s ATM is the one in the bodega/drugstore.

  • 14. No one gets in the elevator with you and you get to go express to your floor.

  • 15. When your favorite restaurant is open on a holiday.

  • 16. When you talk your visiting friends out of going to Times Square for New Year’s.

  • 17. You see this glorious beacon of heaven during a heavy rainstorm:

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