What is a Classic Apartment?

What is a Classic Apartment?

Here is the answer In its simplest explaination:

In New York City there are a few different "Classic" style apartments.

Classic referring to a pre-war building and the apartment itself

even if it has been renovated it has been kept in its original configuration.

With that said they are also very rare!

Classic 6

The term ‘classic’ we know refers to a prewar apartment building and the number 6 is to the number of rooms. In other words, a classic six is a prewar apartment with six rooms: living room, formal dining room, kitchen, plus two full sized bedrooms, and a smaller third bedroom typically referred to as the maid's room. This is also one of the most sought after for families in terms of affordablity and size.


Classic 7

Is the same as a Classic 6 only with an additional bedroom.

Classic 8

Is the same as a Classic 6 only with 2 additional bedrooms.

The Classic 6 apartment is one of New York City's most sought-after apartment layouts for families - See more at: http://www.urbanedgeny.com/apartment-guide/apartment-size-type/classic-six-apartment#sthash.EbfxLxh4.dpuf
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