Real Estate and Citibike How Close Is Your Home

Real Estate and Citibike How Close Is Your Home......

Soon It will become more apealing to renters and buyers if their home is closer to a Citi bike Station.

Here is a station map


Learn About Citi Bike at their next Event:

Citi Bike Demonstration**
@ Smith Houses, St. James Place and Pearl Street
Wednesday, July 17
4 - 7 pm, must enter helmet line by 6:30 pm


Ofcourse you can always get the app as well.

Real Estate World takes Note of Citi BIke

New Yorker’s have long put a premium on real estate convenient to public transportation. Just as important as the number of bedrooms and baths in an apartment is the distance to the nearest subway or bus stop. The ease of transportation, or lack thereof, has swayed many a potential renter or buyer. 

Now Citi Bike, with over 320 active and 330 planned stations, is helping add more neighborhoods to the “transportation-friendly” list. Neighborhoods once poorly served by public transportation - neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Brooklyn or West Midtown and the Lower East Side in Manhattan - have become accessible in a whole new way. And, almost as soon as Citi Bike rolled out their program, real estate brokerages noticed an opportunity and began to list Citi Bike locations to lure prospective renters and buyers.

Real estate companies such as Streeteasy,, and Apartable now include Citi Bike stations in the additional to subway and bus stops on their listings. This Street Easy listing for the far west side of TriBeCa, shows how Citi Bike is providing a new alternative to that long trek up Chambers Street. The Citi Bike station where Chambers meets the West Side Highway is daily one of the most active.

StreetEasy maps now include a Citi Bike layer

Across the river in Williamsburg, Apartable shows many properties with Citi Bike as the closest “Nearby Transit”. A listing on Bedford and Metropolitan Avenues has four stations within .4 miles, multiplying the options for L-train riders.

Apartable listings show nearest Citi Bike stations in additional to MTA transit stops

Craigslist listings now often include proximity to Citi Bikes, with one such ad near Gramercy Park blowing up the Citi Bike station map and declaring (complete with enthusiastic exclamation marks) that there are 125 bikes within a block.

As New Yorkers get more familiar with Citi Bike its impact on real estate decisions seems likely to grow. Properties near Citi Bike stations will begin to seem more and more appealing as the trip to subways and buses and office buildings is no longer a long, humidity-ridden walk but instead a breezy bike ride away.


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