City Stop Realty Relocation Services has been created to serve corporations and individuals as a real estate and resource provider. We provide complete relocation services in Home Buying, Rentals, Temporary Housing and Corporate Relocation. This includes international, national relocation services and even local help for people moving from one New York City apartment to another. We provide assistance on an individualized basis. We can assist with a variety of settling-in services. Just ask your relocation specialist for your specific needs. Here are a few examples of on how we can help : All rental paperwork needed for approval, neighborhood and school district information, mortgage assistance, local contractors, movers, painters, plumbers, florists, local banks, interior designers,  event planners, immigration/social security locations, where to buy appliances, furniture, how to begin connecting utility services, and any other matter that may arise. Our multilingual Relocation Specialists are available over extended office hours to provide all the services needed during the relocation process and are trained to work specifically with our relocation customers because they know it takes an extra step to prepare you for home ownership or renting in a new city. They are prepared to lead you in every step of the way through the entire process from beginning to end.


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