Banksy ‘hammers’ Upper West Side

10/21/2013 02:36 PM

Banksy ‘hammers’ Upper West Side

Banksy struck again — this time in the Upper West Side! ( W 79th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway)

The renegade street artist painted the silhouette of a young boy swinging a sledge hammer, according to a picture posted to his web site Sunday morning. The work is strategically done next to a red standpipe, creating an illusion that the boy is going to smash it.

The mysterious British street painter is 20 days into his month-long project, captivating New Yorkers, eager to find where his next work will pop up.


What do you think?

Turtle Bay Manhattan Townhouse For Rent!

10/09/2013 11:13 AM

A gracious four story restored and completely renovated To State of the Art but has been lovingly preserved with many original details intact. Built in 1865. It also has a south facing garden off the wonderful breakfast room, custom designed top of the line kitchen making it sun-filled! Several decorative fireplaces, Two-zone central air-conditioning & gas heat. 5 Bedroom 4 bathrooms! Approx. 3,168 square feet.

Monthly Rent $19,995

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One Bedrooms with 1.5 Bathrooms Under $3000 a Month?

08/15/2013 09:02 AM

If you are in the market for a one bedroom and your budget is $3000 or less

most likely you will get a very small amount of space.

However a great way to get more for your money is to go for a duplex style apartment.

Duplex meaning two floors. 

It is usually listed as a studio duplex but they almost always easily convert to a one bedroom

and generally you gain an extra bathroom

and some square footage as well!

Sometimes even an outdoorspace! 

If you are looking for more amenities this is usually a good way to start.

Here is a list of new aparments we just got in under $3000 that we have available

both for moving in now and Sept 1.

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From NY To LA In 45 Minutes?

08/13/2013 12:04 PM

High Speed Transportation of The Future? Did the Jetsons have this? HYPERLOOP?

(CNN) -- Elon Musk wants to revolutionize transportation. Again.

The serial entrepreneur envisions a future where mag-lev trains in enormous pneumatic tubes whisk us from Los Angeles to New York in 45 minutes. Need to be in Beijing tomorrow? No problem. It's a two-hour ride away.

As crazy as it sounds, Musk is merely updating an idea that's been around since the early 1900s, and at least one company is working on a functional prototype. But according to Wired sources, his involvement won't be nearly as hands-on as Musk's other endeavors at Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

The engineering behind the Hyperloop is similar to the old-school pneumatic tube systems used by banks to suck your deposit to the teller at the drive-through. But naturally, it's more complicated than that.

A massive vacuum tube — mounted either above ground or even under water — would be combined with a magnetic levitation system used on conventional bullet trains. That means no friction, no wind resistance, no chance of collisions, and insanely high speeds.

Musk described the Hyperloop as "a cross between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table," at AllThingsD's D11 conference earlier this year. And in an interview with PandoDaily, Musk said the Hyperloop could form a fifth tent pole of modern transportation, joining cars, planes, trains, and boats, adding that because of its low energy usage and ability to get juice from solar power, it could generate more power than it would consume.

Elon Musk: Our future in space depends on reusable rockets

But up until now, he hasn't elaborated on his involvement.

Musk's interest in the idea was sparked after researching California's new high-speed rail project and realizing that it will be the slowest and — at $70 billion — the most expensive system on the planet. To his mind, there's a better solution. The Hyperloop is it. And one firm unaffiliated with Musk is in the early stages of development.

ET3, a company based in Longmont, Colorado, is working on a Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) system, which it describes as "space travel on Earth." It uses two tubes — one for each direction — with 400-pound, passenger car-sized capsules that could house six people, each accelerated by linear electric motors. According to ET3, state trips would average speeds of around 370 mph, while international trips would hit that insane 4,000 mph mark.

The company, which calls itself an "open consortium," claims that it's working with partners in China and has sold nearly 100 licenses for the technology. But ET3′s claims pose more questions than answers, particularly when considering you can buy your own license for the bargain basement price of $100.

But the idea for a vacuum-sealed high-speed transit system isn't anything new. The "vactrain" concept was floated in the early 1910s and a paper written by physicist R.M. Salter and published by the Rand Corporation in 1972 titled the "Very High Speed Transit System," or VHST, describes something very similar to what ET3 is developing.

But where Musk fits in remains a question. Sources close to the Tesla co-founder and CEO say he believes ET3 is on the right track, but is missing some key components, and that Musk has his hands full with Tesla and SpaceX, and would rather have some involvement in the development, with another entity taking the helm.

That lines up with a few responses Musk made on Twitter when asked about patenting the technology. "I really hate patents unless critical to company survival," Musk tweeted. "Will publish Hyperloop as open source."

When asked about partners, Musk said he's "happy to work with the right partners. Must truly share philosophical goal of breakthrough tech done fast & w/o wasting money on BS."

Complete Story Here

What do you think? Would you use it? I have to say I do hate flying!

Big Nick's Closes After 51 Years....

08/01/2013 09:57 AM

After 51 years Big Nick's Upper West Side located at 2175 Broadway closed it's door for good Monday at 4am. The announcement “After 51 years, we have lost our lease after two years of difficult and torturous negotiation,” posted on their Facebook page. The restaurants landlord had planned to increase the rent from $42,000 to $60,000 or more per month for its 1,000 sq.ft. space. There was talk about relocation but that is still to be left an agonizing mystery. However, Big Nick when asked last year in the New York Times "So what will he do now? " stated “It’s in my blood to be a restaurant guy,” he said. “Owning a restaurant is like a disease. You don’t like the disease, but you have it.”  Hopefully, we will infact be seeing him again soon. People from all over commented on how they were devasted by this news. Many of them growing up and hanging out in Big Nick's and then returning with their own children. The New Yorker wrote a beautiful heartfelt article about Big Nick's. Sadly this space that was once filled with handwritten and neon signs will most likely become a bank although no plans are confirmed. Loyal Patrons are posting beautiful video tributes as well like this as well as photos, stories, poems and videos on The West Side Rag in paying back Big Nick for all the years of delicious calories and memories.

Last Year was Big Nick's 50th Anniversary

This year an end to an Upper West Side legacy.

Their Pizza is my personal favorite.


Moving Checklist....3 More Days!

07/28/2013 10:14 AM

With the First of the month quickly approaching be sure to check out the moving checklist

and don't forget these top priority tasks that need to be donemoving boxesNOW!



  • Contact your current telephone, electric, gas, and water companies to confirm the specific date on which to discontinue service. It is a good idea to leave the utilities on for an extra day or two, just in case of emergency.
  • Contact the utility companies in your new location to arrange when service should begin.
  • Reconfirm with the appropriate parties at your new location your moving schedule.
  • Be sure to leave the keys to your current residence with the appropriate party.

Here is a printable list from ORGJUNKIE

They have moving lists for families, professionals, moving into a house, moving into an apartment and so much more........

Buying DIY???You Won't Want To Miss

07/22/2013 11:56 AM

Steps and Tips to Buying an Apartment/Home in Manhattan

Although we are starting to become a society of Do-It-Yourself or DIY buying should really not be a do-it-yourself project and your real estate agent can be your greatest asset in buying. Every detail is important and the agent you choose can help make it a great deal for you.....most of the time..... and to change that to all of the time....follow a few or these steps and tips.

Fact: Many people don't realize that the listing agent does not work for you. They work for the seller and although you may have built up a relationship with the realtor his fiduciary responsibilities are to the seller. Therefore, if you are looking to be fully represented through that particular agent then you would need to hire him as a buyer’s agent. However, even though this is legal in New York State this may not be wise because it would then mean he would represent both you and the seller and he would then owe his fiduciary responsibilities to both of you. If you are worried about any conflict of interest then you should hire an outside buyer’s agent. This move could potentially save you thousands of dollars$$. Keep in mind that a buyer’s agent does not get paid unless you BUY!.

Select a Sales Professional

Your agent needs specific expertise in dealing with Manhattan sales, if buying in Manhattan, and should be a local realtor since usually they have the right contacts to get your deal closed. More on this subject as we move forward.

Home/Apartment Searching

Now it's time for the fun part – sort of.  When buying yourself you will have to put in the time hours, days, weeks to thoroughly search through thousands of listings to pinpoint which ones are of interest to you. An agent has this search at their fingertips and can do this is as little as a few minutes. They also have status accuracy meaning they know whether a listing is still available rather then you having to call each individual realtor, hoping they call you back. Not to mention if you are not an organized person then this is not for you at all! While it's easy to get swept away, keep in mind that every apartment that looks good is not always a good deal. Your agent usually knows the building without even stepping inside and is familiar with the layouts and will know if this is even the right one for you, saving you time. They also know the financial buying requirements required by that building now saving you time and money. Again choosing the wrong agent can be the difference between seeing hundreds of apartments you don't want! Choose Experienced and Local!

The Offer and Negotiation

Your agent should then negotiate for your best interest, creatively solving problems while maintaining your bottom line. Getting a deal done is not only in the interest of both parties but also in the realtors. Keep in mind that an experienced realtor knows that you, as the buyer can become his/her future seller, if they get the job done right! Not to mention referrals! Inexperienced negotiators can often prevent their clients from getting their new homes. This can be the same case in DIY if the only negotiating you have done is knick knacks at garage sales.


You may think you’re in the clear, but your deal is still in jeopardy. Your agent can and should recommend a strong real estate attorney that will research the property, make necessary changes to the contract and help include any specifications that your transaction requires.

Applications and Legal Papers

In Manhattan the majority of real estate transactions have the added complexity of co-op and condo boards. You only have one shot at presenting yourself as a good neighbor. Your agent should help you prepare your application and prep you for the interview. Again Choose Experienced and Local!


The closing process can also be tricky. Your agent and attorney at the closing table help keep deals together when transactions get rocky.

Try not to  undervalue what is being done for you by a realtor. They are some of the hardest working, underappreciated professionals you will ever come across. Let the pro's handle it and enjoy your new home and the process that got you there.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us to represent you.

Read Some Of Our Reviews!

Sold By Sam

Also if you choose to use us to represent you receive a Thank You Getaway Vacation!!!


The Lease Break=A Contract w/Muscle

07/17/2013 02:56 PM

Need to Break Your Lease??

Let's face it breaking a lease is not something you intend to do when you rent the apartment but things do come up, for example, you have a significant other that has turned your "charming" place into cramped, a baby is being born or you just landed a new job in Chicago making more $$$!! All good reasons, but in the meantime, you are tied into this lease agreement for it's term legally obligated to pay the entire rent for the entire length of the lease.

So, What do you do?

Now this is in no way legal advice, it is only advice based on my 12 years’ experience as a NYC real estate broker.

Tip #1 Decide whether or not you want out completely out or if your lease allows, you may be able to sublet, however subletting means you are still responsible for the remaining term of the lease, only you may be able to continue on with your plan B a lot quicker.

Tip#2 If you have decided to relinquish all of your responsibilities then you need to inform your landlord of your intentions immediately both verbally and in writing! A lot of times landlords may just allow you to walk away, with reasonable notice. Make sure you check out your lease for any specifics on how much advanced notice you are required to give, if any at all. Sometimes, if you are paying below market value for the apartment, they will let you out easier or if it is summer and there are alot more renters in the market a landlord may not be a stickler for details. Keep in mind though that a landlord is running a business and may let you out of your lease but it may not be "fees" free. Another way they can help you is by telling their real estate brokers and or management company about your lease break intentions whom can find suitable tenants for your apartment and this is usually at no cost to you. But remember to be extremely flexible on access for showing. Brokers tend to work crazy long hours to accomadate their working/busy clients and in this case can only be to your advantage. It's funny how that broker just went from obtrusive to welcomed!

Tip#3 You can always pay a finder’s fee to a realtor of your choice to help you find a place. This is good especially if the landlord doesn't use one or you don't like the one he uses. Technically, it is your apartment until you sign a surrender of lease.......This is part of the problem?

Tip#4 Place an ad on craigslist, however be careful, you will be letting strangers in your home! You will need to pre-screen potential renters before giving out your address etc.

Tip#5 Be flexible with your move in date. You can try to negotiate on that move in date but you really want to be able to meet the new renter's criteria. Know when to swallow your pride. For example, you have found someone that the landlord has accepted as suitable for your 5th floor walkup castle in the sky... Hallelujah! The only problem is they want to move in on the first and you need to leave by the 15th. You can split the cost or you can just eat it! Either way it is a small price to pay to be released from your lease and keep your credit and that or your guarantor's, if you used one, intact. It's defiantly better than gambling on how many fit people there are looking to move in to that "charming" one bedroom!

If you have any questions or comments you can feel free to drop a line below! Happy Renting!

Real Estate and Citibike How Close Is Your Home

07/14/2013 12:13 PM

Real Estate and Citibike How Close Is Your Home......

Soon It will become more apealing to renters and buyers if their home is closer to a Citi bike Station.

Here is a station map


Learn About Citi Bike at their next Event:

Citi Bike Demonstration**
@ Smith Houses, St. James Place and Pearl Street
Wednesday, July 17
4 - 7 pm, must enter helmet line by 6:30 pm


Ofcourse you can always get the app as well.

Real Estate World takes Note of Citi BIke

New Yorker’s have long put a premium on real estate convenient to public transportation. Just as important as the number of bedrooms and baths in an apartment is the distance to the nearest subway or bus stop. The ease of transportation, or lack thereof, has swayed many a potential renter or buyer. 

Now Citi Bike, with over 320 active and 330 planned stations, is helping add more neighborhoods to the “transportation-friendly” list. Neighborhoods once poorly served by public transportation - neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Brooklyn or West Midtown and the Lower East Side in Manhattan - have become accessible in a whole new way. And, almost as soon as Citi Bike rolled out their program, real estate brokerages noticed an opportunity and began to list Citi Bike locations to lure prospective renters and buyers.

Real estate companies such as Streeteasy,, and Apartable now include Citi Bike stations in the additional to subway and bus stops on their listings. This Street Easy listing for the far west side of TriBeCa, shows how Citi Bike is providing a new alternative to that long trek up Chambers Street. The Citi Bike station where Chambers meets the West Side Highway is daily one of the most active.

StreetEasy maps now include a Citi Bike layer

Across the river in Williamsburg, Apartable shows many properties with Citi Bike as the closest “Nearby Transit”. A listing on Bedford and Metropolitan Avenues has four stations within .4 miles, multiplying the options for L-train riders.

Apartable listings show nearest Citi Bike stations in additional to MTA transit stops

Craigslist listings now often include proximity to Citi Bikes, with one such ad near Gramercy Park blowing up the Citi Bike station map and declaring (complete with enthusiastic exclamation marks) that there are 125 bikes within a block.

As New Yorkers get more familiar with Citi Bike its impact on real estate decisions seems likely to grow. Properties near Citi Bike stations will begin to seem more and more appealing as the trip to subways and buses and office buildings is no longer a long, humidity-ridden walk but instead a breezy bike ride away.


Seamless and Grubhub Mereger Means More Food For You!

07/10/2013 10:51 AM

We have 84 locations we can order delivery from just our office at 204 West 84 Street alone!

Is this a coincidence??? LOL

Seamless Reveals Seamless and GrubHub Announce Merger
that will create a combined company well positioned to drive more orders to restaurants, deliver a better experience for hungry diners and enhance services to corporate clients........

The possibilities are endless......


Choose15 for %15 off today July 10 only!

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